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building blocks for a growing community

At Geolearn, we believe that new tools such as AI and Augmented Reality have the power to disrupt the geoscience industry in a positive fashion, if done the right way. Our team is dedicated at making sure your data go the extra mile with those technologies and at getting you involved in the process.


  • innovate

    We do not see the fun in imitating what is already in place. We seek to do new things that will spark changes and make sure we learn new stuff along the way.

  • communicate

    We believe that a communicative and emphatic spirit is important for starting a constructive discussion. We like to work in multidisciplinary team and to share knowledge with the community .

  • enjoy

    We promote a working environment where you can be yourself. Even if the challenges are huge, there's always time to laugh. We are passionate about what we do because we enjoy doing it.

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