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09 Mar 2017

Geolearn at #DisrupMining 2017

On Sunday, March 5th, 2017 the #DisruptMining daytime innovation expo showcased companies working with industry-changing technologies in order to present how the mining industry can foster, grow and attract investment focused on changing the path of natural resource exploration and extraction.

"The mining industry is overdue for radical, disruptive innovation that drives value, enhances safe production and performance across every aspect of our business, from exploration through to reclamation and closure"
Todd White, Senior Vice President,Technical Services and Business Excellence at Goldcorp and board member of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council

Geolearn has been selected as a Semi Finalist and we had the opportunity to present our Augmented Intelligent Mining (AIM) platform during this event.

"Selecting the five finalists and 11 semi-finalists was a difficult task for the selection committee, a testament to the number of revolutionary ideas and technologies put forth in the 153 submissions received."
Selection Committee for #DisruptMining .

During the show we had a lot of positive feedback about AIM, from geologists, engineering as well as people working for big actors in artificial intelligence and augmented reality like IBM and Microsoft.
It was a positive experience for us, and we are pleased to see that our product has a great disruptive potential for the mining industry.