What we do

AI-Driven Data analytics

Geolearn uses state-of-the-art technologies such as deep and shallow learning as well as geostatistics, to retrieve more information, recognize hidden patterns and increase the power of your data.

Data Visualization

We often heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. We think it's true. We also believe that an interactive visualization is worth even more. At Geolearn we do not simply show data, we tell a story with it!

SaaS solutions

Geolearn delivers tailor-made applications that can handle basic data processing or more elaborate cognitive computations and deliver insightful visualization. invisible text invisible text invisible text invisible textinvisible text invisible text invisible text invisible text invisible text

Knowledge sharing

At Geolearn, we believe that the most efficient way to embrace new technologies is to continously share knowledge. We offer training in machine learning, geostatistics and python applied to the geoscience industry. We also organize "meet-up style" events to bring together experts from all field and get the discussion going.

Our expertise

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Seismic analysis

automatic facies classification, clustering 2D/3D, automatic fault interpretation, Bayesian stochastic inversion and more

Wells analysis

predicting missing logs, clustering, automatic facies classification and more

Airborne Geophysics images analysis

mapping high resolution airborne geophysics images from low resolution data using AI; deep learning feature extraction; and more

Geoscience Applications

Predikor (automatically description of core pictures), Unbox (automatic linearization of core box pictures)

Give new life to your data!

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