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We are a team shaped by our values with experience in academia and the industry. We have expertise in the mining, energy, and environmental fields. Our approach is multidisciplinary, and we provide flexible solutions that help reduce costs and gain better insight into your data.

  • Martin Blouin

    CEO and Lead AI Developper

    Co-Founder and CEO of Geolearn, Martin is a center piece of AI driven projects. He makes sure Geolearn delivers its promise of innovation within a company culture we are all proud of.
    After completing a PhD in Geophysics at INRS-ETE, Martin worked at IFPEN in Paris on multivariate algorithms for seismic attributes integration in petroleum reservoir models.

  • Lorenzo Perozzi

    VP and Operations Lead

    Co-Founder of Geolearn, Lorenzo is the designer of the team. His passion is driven by the aesthetics of data visualization, at Geolearn he ensures that every data have a story to tell.
    Lorenzo holds a PhD and a MS in Geophysics from INRS-ETE and a MS in geological engineering from University of Lausanne.

  • Antoine Caté

    VP and lead of geological research

    Co-Founder of Geolearn, Antoine is working on the integration of geological data in mineral exploration.
    He has been the team leader of the Data Miners who finished second at the Integra Gold Rush Challenge. Antoine has a strong field experience together with skills in data mining and machine learning. Antoine holds a Ph.D. in Economic Geology from INRS-ETE and a diploma in geological engineering from Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais.

  • Jérome Simon

    Technical director

    At Geolearn, Jérome oversees AI operations and data interpretation. He develops and enforces Geolearn's algorithmic best practices and validates code workflows.
    His interest in physics and pedagogy fuels his appreciation of intelligible methodologies and vulgarizations, both of which are critical in data science.

  • Matthieu Cedou

    Data Geoscientist

    At Geolearn, Matthieu develops visualization and interpretation tools for geological data. He cares about, among other things, the good transformation of geological information into digital data. Matthieu holds a professional MSc in Mineral Exploration from UQAC and a Geological Engineer diploma from Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais.

  • Véronique Prince

    Growth Manager

    At Geolearn, Véronique ensures that the growth strategy is aligned with Geolearn's mission and values. Prior to joining Geolearn, Véronique worked in event coordination, including the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games in South Korea. She has also taken part in trade missions to India. Véronique holds a Bachelor's degree in International Studies and Modern Languages ​​and a Master's degree in Translation.

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